Fashion Food at “Gaggan” – BANGKOK, THAILAND

Gaggan Anand Chef at Gaggan BANGKOK, THAILAND

Bridging the culinary divide between East and West is the mission statement of Kolkata-born chef Gaggan Anand, whose Bangkok restaurant has received widespread acclaim for its singular take on Indian cuisine. Housed in a breathtakingly beautiful colonial-style house, the restaurant is divided into a series of characterful private dining rooms, which remain faithful to the building’s past with cane furniture, ceiling fans and simple white-washed walls.

The genteel backdrop belies Gaggan’s adventurous and creative food, which sees him reinterpreting classic Indian dishes with modernist cooking techniques, some of which were garnered during an inspirational internship with the research team of elBulli under the guidance of Ferran Adrià. There is plenty of molecular wizardry on the menu with foams, smokes and liquid nitrogen used to clever effect in humorously named dishes: Green with Envy sees perky green peppercorn chicken kebabs combined with coriander foam. Another signature dish – Chowpati Year 2050 – is a whimsical take on the street- food snack papdi chaat, comprising a spherical yoghurt ‘egg’ on a fried dough chip with herbal foam and tamarind chutney.

Anand’s restless creativity and sense of fun has helped Gaggan become one of Asia’s most fashionable destination restaurants, loved by celebrities, the Thai royal family and international gastronomes alike. What’s more, it has resulted in Gaggan not only making a dramatic debut on this list, but securing 2014’s Highest New Entry accolade.

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