Clemsa – During Pitti Uomo in June in Florence At “Fashion Frames” event

Clemsa is a patent born from an original idea of thesis in Product Design by Sabrina Clementi and it is made of three souls: fashion, art and interior design. Create a wearable upholstery. To build up this project, Sabrina Clementi studied and compared different geographic cultures, their way of create objects and their figurative languages, finding out that there is a very similar way of expression in the textile artifacts made in different places and in different times (material cultures).

The study focuses on textile surfaces belonging to some nomadic communities that can be used with extreme simplicity and versatility as a “home” or as a garment. In September 2012, the patented waving technique – hand made and adapted on different tissues – gave life to fashion accessories and objects of interior design that synthesize in one soul handicraft and love for tissues. In Clementi’s words, a “textile craft”.

All the accessories by CLEMSA are connected with a handicraft that origins in the past and a modern soul and gave life to a unique product totally Made in Italy.


1. foolingfil-645x483Sabrina’s PROFILE

Sabrina Clementi is an interior architect with a passion for tissues. She graduated in January 2009 in Interiors and Interior Architecture at the faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia” in Rome, with a thesis about the Design of a Museum of the Fabrics. Creating a journey in the world of tissues, Clementi conceived a story told through the fashion world in the different centuries, where the dressed where able to evocate tales, building up a cartography made of tissues, colors and styles. In the same year, after passing the qualifying examination for the profession of Architect, she enrolled in the Order of Architects of Rome and Province.

In her years at the university, she started a collaboration with a decorator/artisan from the textile world, who taught her how to use the “tools of the trade”. Her passion for the textile surfaces, the materials and the design, pushed her in specializing in this filed, graduating in Product Design at the Faculty of Architecture. After her graduation she increased her interests in fashion. She is now developing and realizing a line of wearable upholstery (made of fashion accessories and pieces of interior design), experimenting the same kind of weaving developed in her thesis, on different tissues and shapes and that is now a magic guide for her. Once the fabric is cut, the processing of the weaving is made up with a weave of the parts that gives life to a textile surface where there are no seams. The work is fully handmade.

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