Vignavecchia – During Pitti In Florence at “Fashion Frames” event

Vignavecchia Farm its owned by the Beccari family since 1840 .

Was received as a dowry in the marriage between Giuseppe Beccari and Antoinetta Minucci whose family , originally from Radda in Chianti, owned it since the seventeenth century. The Company produces and bottles wine since 1876 , the only heir Odoardo Beccari, explorer, zoologist and botanist Florentine ( 16/11/1843-25/10/1920 ), after many years in the forests of Borne , the path more wild areas of Celebes, explored New Guinea, Sumatra, the Moluccas, Australia laTasmania and many other islands where carryover rare zoological and botanical collections, retired and devoted himself to the agricolture in the family’s lands in Radda.
In 1924 , Baccio Beccari, third of Odoardo’s son, was one of the founding members of the Consortium of Chianti Classico and he continued , with the help of his younger brother Renzo , the family tradition by collecting the best vintages .
The company still has , in his own private wine cellar , bottles dated from 1876 to 1931 returned to light accidentally in 1970 during the restoration of the palace. On that occasion, he was asked to Beccari family to auction one of the oldest bottles of 1885 that was beaten by half a million pounds.
Of the four sons of Odoardo, Nello, Dino , Baccio and Renzo , only the latter had two sons,Sisa and Franco Odoardo who led the company from the 60’s up to Year 2000 . During their management , Farm Vignavecchia has undergone a phase of modernization . In 1996, the Company and transferred from the historic underground cellars of the Palace in the historic center of Radda, in a Vignavecchia’s farmhouse in the homonymous locality situated in the middle of the vineyards.

Nowadays Vignavecchia’s farm  is still owned by the Beccari family . The owners, Ursula and Brigida Beccari , with cousins ​​Carlo and Lidia Maggioni , great-grandchildren of Odoardo Beccari, manage the Company.

Vignavecchia vineyards will sponsor wines during Fashion Frames

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