Queen of Style Cristina Egger organize the “Gianni Versace Tribute” in Artimino

A tribute to the great Italian genius with an eye for solidarity
Artimino , staged fashion branded vintage Versace
Along the staircase of the Hundred Chimneys’s Villa in Artimino Florence, the  parade of 35 designer clothes
An exclusive and glamorous wednesday evening , June 11th.  with dinner and music.

For this occasion Amsterdam Fashion Tv will be media partner and brought the “Fondazione Roberto Granata” to this event who will donate two pictures unpublished  of the great stylist “Gianni Versace” at work. The pictures will be silently auctioned and all the revenue will be donated to Telethon who will help the medical research for children.

Artimino , May 2014

An evening of luxury, mid-way between the world of high fashion and of quality food , to celebrate the genius of Gianni Versace winking solidarity. The meeting of these two expressions of Made in Italy arrives for the first time at the Artimino “Tribute to Versace ” with a parade along the steps of the Hundred Chimneys’s Villa  , designed by Buontalenti.

For lovers of high fashion , the appointment is Wednesday, June 11th in a location with a strong emotional charge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO : the Medici complex of Artimino. And  there from sunset will stage the parade of vintage Gianni Versace’s clothes , a private collection of 35 dresses of the eighties and nineties, including the jacket worn by Lady Gaga during the last concert of his world tour. The parade, with the artistic direction of Christine Egger, will be attended by a dozen of models wearing the clothes of Versace drawn from the collection of Antonio Caravano (HM Make-up Italy) : a collection of more than 900 accessories and 35 dresses, including the famous shirts silk scarves that suit the fashion icons of those years, when, thanks to men like Versace fashion lived burst of creativity made ​​in Italy.

During the evening  a team of professional makeup artists will prepare and trims also the present audience according to the style of the eighties and nineties.

During the venue  will be shown and projected onto the facade of the villa some unpublished photos of Gianni Versace at work, the photographs are provided by Amsterdam Fashion Tv and were  taken by the historical photographer of the family, Roberto Granata.

Inside the of the Hundred Chimneys’s villa will be also set up a series of corners with international luxury products selected by Christine Egger – including the Dutch jewelry designer  Claudia Hamers  and handbags by Astrid Berkeens from My7Ways ,that  a collection of 7 unique handbag. There will be also the new upcoming dutch designers Karmaloog.

In the meanwhile the Salone delle Botti will host a welcome drink. After the parade there will be a dinner placée on the lawn.

Media Partner of the event is Amsterdam Fashion TV, which will resume the parade.

With this tribute in June Artimino want to establish a strong link with the world of high fashion, bringing in the green heart of Tuscany, the leaders of the “genius” Gianni Versace.
A portion of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to the Telethon for its projects related to research .

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