3 Things You Need To Know About Vintage Shopping


“My favorite part about vintage shopping is the idea of the unknown,” interior and furniture designer Jen Delonge says. “I love heading to a flea market or a vintage store and being inspired to buy something that I can’t live without.”

That passion for discovery led Delonge to create the app Reissued, a mobile marketplace where users can shop, save, and share vintage fashion, furniture, art, and music. “I’m ecstatic to work with top designers, stores, and collectors to bring the joy of vintage hunting to those who don’t have access to major flea markets and vintage stores.” Delonge explains. “Now shoppers can discover treasures wherever they are.”

Below, Delonge shares her tips on what to look for on your next vintage excursion—mobile or otherwise.


Three things to keep in mind while shopping for vintage:

1. “Check the quality,” Delonge recommends. “Look for damage that will be too costly to repair.”

2. “Size labels don’t necessarily translate to modern day,” says Delonge. “Be sure to take measurements.”

3. “Many clothing items today can mimic patterns and designs from years ago,” Delonge warns. “While they may appear to be vintage, upon closer inspection, you may see they are not. Don’t be fooled.”

Vintage items to be on the lookout for always:

1. Motorcycle jackets
2. Traditional embroidered South American pieces
3. Crochet or lace dresses
4. Band tees

Vintage items to be on the lookout for right now

“Coveralls and jumpsuits,” says Delonge. “They’re everywhere!”


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