Anónima by cm

Anónima is the concept behind cm based on the standards of Haute Couture, the recovery of traditional techniques and artistic experimentation.


Unique, exclusive and numbered creations treated themselves as pieces of art . Series in which an expression is developed and whose design and process, as a whole, make an universe, a story. Each piece is testimony of a process that attempts to capture the fragility of memory. In its atelier, the patterns become the canvas where the drawing, materials, composition and process become subjects.


The latest Anónima’s Series – bow ties, collars, shirts, ties, etc. – show a embroidered story made with “crochet de Lunéville” technique [chaînette, remplissage, tubes et cuvettes en rivière, point tiré, vermicelli de perles et paillettes] and other needle techniques [passé plat, point de graine, pose de bijoux, passé évidé, passé remordu].

Themes such as Surrealism, theatricality, androgyny, absence, duality and timelessness are immersed in Anónima’s universe.

Elegance, delicacy and audacity are qualities attached to Anónima by cm. Thoroughness, exclusivity and intuition, its surnames.


Amsterdam Fashion Tv:  Can you please tell us a little more about yourself and your brand?

CarmenM.CastañedaDíaz: I was born in Madrid. Soon, I became interested in visual and artistic world and that determinated my personality and my necessity of searching non established aspects, far away from words. After I studied Fine Arts and Scenography and worked in different artistic fields, I decided to live in foreign countries to be inspired by new influences related with fashion and human body. I studied embroidery techniques of Haute Couture at L’École Lesage in Paris and pattern making and draping at London College of Fashion. In that moment appears a CM more mature, excited to face myself and with the necessity to express my inner world. I have found in Anónima by cm the best way to do it, where every education, experience, interest and feeling can converge.

Anónima by cm is the way in which I want to capture the Haute Couture techniques within a conceptual and experimental frame. Unique, exclusive and numbered creations with a “storyline” as a drawing. Each Series 0.0 has an expression, which, all together, create a full story with beginning and end. Each piece in each Series completes and complements the others.

 – What do you draw inspiration from?

CM: My inspiration comes from my searching of non established, said or seen aspects. It comes from my attempt to make visible the invisible and to give sense in this reality. It can comes from a moment, a memory, a feeling. From a color, a dot or a material. The theatre, cinema and dance are part of my artistic language because they work with time in a strange and poetic way. The repetitive forms, sometimes organic or geometric forms. The gestures. The several ways of each reality. The opposites, the limits.

– What are your preferred materials to work with and why?

CM: The materials are the main characters in my atelier. Materials which allow the repetition, the multiplication, the accumulation. They can be interesting because of their small size, their ephemeral or intangible nature; materials which work between visible and unvisible limits, and which allow me to create from a blank canvas. A thread, a pearl, a button, sometimes real sometimes suggested. Transparent materials. Fabrics as organza become canvas, natural fabrics, with some classic tradition, which cover in a subtle way our body and cause an imprint of a drawing. Also the rigidity of some materials which allow create forms more complex.

– Where do you see the brand going in the future?

CM: It’s difficult to determinate in these moments where it will go. I would like to appear in different environments as international or national catwalks of emerging designers or in art galleries. I would like to bring Anónima by cm concept to other formats, maybe as a collaboration with other artists of different disciplines or with the experimentation with other techniques and materials. Everything that allow me to keep learning and growing in the process.


bioCarmenM.CastañedaDíaz as a consequence of Art and Fashion. She studied Fine Arts and Scenography in Madrid, she presents part of her work in different exhibition spaces in Madrid. Faithful to her intimate language about time, she creates pieces which are on the limit between reality and fantasy, between visible and not visible.

CarmenM.CastañedaDíaz acquires her first knowledge about fashion design at the IED School in Madrid and Barcelona. Years later, she decides to live in Paris and London to be inspired by new influences, where she studies embroidery techniques of Haute Couture at L’Ecole Lesage in Paris and pattern making and draping at London College of Fashion.

It is in this way that Anónima by cm appears, an experimental brand where materials take prominence. A place where haute couture techniques meet artistic techniques.



Designer: CarmenM. Castañeda, Anónima by cm; Photography: Maku López; Make up&Hair: Lolita MAKE UP; Model: Karola Warzecha (Uno Models); Produced: MONSTER


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