PITTI 86: summary of the 2nd day

Pitti is finished and we are working to edit all the interviews that we have done. Do you want to know more? The second day at Pitti Club we interviewed Flaminio Soncini, the Honorary President of the Italian Camera Buyer that told us about the history of Camera Buyer in Italy and his point of view on new designers and brands.

In order: João Costa (our cameraman), Liliana Navarra (our interviewer), Cristina Egger (our PR) and Flaminio Soncini (Honorary President of the Italian Camera Buyer) 
After, we met Beppe Angiolini the President of Camera Buyer, who explained us the importance of the new brands and the energy to change and move the fashion market.
 Interviewing Beppe Angiolini the President of Camera Buyer
Manuel Perrotta, President of Amsterdam Fashion Tv with Beppe Angiolini, President of Camera Buyer
In the afternoon we met Franz Botré inside the Monsieur Lounge, a very fancy place with bottles of very pregiate wines and Monsieur magazines. Mr. Botré told us about his new editorial adventure, “Spirito di Vino”, a new magazine about his big passion, the wine.
Interviewing Franz Botré, Editor of Monsier and Spirito di Vino
At the end, we have talked with Pancrazio Parisi, from Taormina, about his boutiques and the best brands that his clients prefer.
Interviewing Pancrazio Parisi
After that, we ran away to Palazzo Gaddi to participated to Fashion Frames, the event organized by our PR Cristina Egger.
Stay tuned to know more about the guests.

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