Interviewing Duccio Venturi @ Fashion Frames

Last week we wrote about Duccio Venturi and his brand Duccio Venturi Bottier. We met him at Fashion Frames event in Florence and we talked to him about his collection. We’d like to share with our chat.


Amsterdam Fashion Tv: When you design a shoe, what are you looking to enhance or transform about the wearer?

Duccio Venturi: The woman who inspirers me does not want to be trasformed, she already has a strong personality. With my work I intend to enhance the femininity who wants to express.


Aftv: Do you design with a specific type of customer in mind?

D.V.: My ideal customer has no age, could be 20 or 70 years old, what matters is the mindset. Every woman knows instinctively what values her. I image that those who choose my creacions to exalt their own style going beyond fashion.


AFtv: What is your definition of elegance and style?

D.V.: Elegance is armory, a gazelle is elegant, a masai warrior is elegant. A woman who fascinates me for its elegance is her majesty Rania of Jordan. The style is the expression of a life fully lived, naturally. Is innate elegance, the style goes to be conquered.


AFtv: What are your personal thoughts on comfort and support vs style?

D.V.: Who has style hates things that are not confortable.


AFTv: As a shoe designer, how do you choose shoes? What makes a good pair of shoes? 

D.V.: The choice of a shoe is a thunderbolt for every woman and are every woman wants her shoe. A beautiful shoe has an impeccable silhouette made with finest materials and perfectly assembled. Must be realized by people who love their job. This is a feature that can also be seen just looking at shoe. Love they put in making them, then thinking about who will wear them.

We’d like to thank the designer and we’re waiting for his next collection.

Stay tuned at our channel to watch the video of Fashion Frames event.

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