Interviewing CLEMSA @ Fashion Frames

We met the Italian interior architect Sabrina Clementi during the Fashion Frames event. She explained to us that after her graduation she increased her interests in fashion. She is now developing and realizing a line of wearable upholstery, experimenting the same kind of weaving developed in her thesis, on different tissues and shapes and that is now a magic guide for her. So, she decides to create CLEMSA. Clemsa is a patent born from an original idea of thesis in Product Design by Sabrina Clementi and it is made of three souls: fashion, art and interior design. Are you curious?  Read the interview below.


Amsterdam Fashion Tv: What first got you into wearable textiles pattern design?

Sabrina Clementi: I’m an interior designer and the passion for textiles led me to specialize in this field, with a degree in Product Design. My research project was born from a study on fabrics made by nomads. A kind of wearable, interwoven upholstery, that I designed and patented. Then I started to apply this technique to make fashion accessories.


AFtv: What is your chosen medium and what are your techniques?

S.C.: Once the fabric is cut, the interweaving process builds up into the parts that give life to a seamless textile surface. The work is fully handmade. The technique that I’ve patented allows me to make custom bags and I’m happy if a person decides to wear the bag that best represents him or her.


AFtv: What type of material do you prefer to use?

S.C.: Leather but I’m experimenting new materials.

AFtv: What did it mean to you to be part of the Fashion Frames?

S.C.: I really appreciate the project to enhance new Italian emerging designers and to have the opportunity to show my work and my products.

AFtv: What are your plans for the future?

S.C.: A forthcoming official presentation of my second collection and continue what I have already started that is, to expand my sales network in Italy and abroad.


We’d like to thank the designer and we’re waiting for her second collection.

Stay tuned at our channel to watch the video of Fashion Frames event.

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