In Artimino, Villa La Ferdinanda – Tribute to Gianni Versace

“Tribute to Versace” in Artimino has been a real success. With Grand finale Alessandro Egger one man show directly from Chiambretti night show performed on stage with the private original Jacket of Gianni Versace.


The great makeup was made from Luciano Carino and its HM Makeup Italy and the stunning pictures taken from Edoardo Tranchese from “iTranchese” Photographers


Over 400 lucky guests were treated to a spectacular parade, over 35 vintage dresses by Gianni Versace on the steps of the Villa of the Hundred Chimneys. An evening glamor but also a feast for fashion and style, and a Charity event that has seen auctioned unpublished images of Gianni Versace at work.


The first “Tribute to Versace” in Artimino brought a dozen models to parade within the steps of the Villa of the Hundred Chimneys, designed by Buontalenti a UNESCO World Heritage Site, owned and maintained in Great style from Olmo’s family.

With the first light of sunset models wore 35 dresses by Gianni Versace 80′s and 90′s.

A private collection, which also includes the jacket worn by Lady Gaga during her’s last  world tour concert.
The jacket of Lady Gaga was worn  by the organizer, Christine Egger, who did not have anything to envy to the American Star, indeed.

The parade, presented by Manuel Perrotta, had as protagonists the garments in the collection of Antonio Caravano (HM Make-up Italy), which includes both evening dresses worn by the supermodel of those years, from Liz Hurley Linda Evangelista or Naomi Campbell, that the colorful shirts of the collection in Miami.


On the big screen, to accompany the gentle pace of the models, including some unpublished photos of Gianni Versace to work, photographs taken by the historic photographer of the family, Roberto Granata.

Some images are being auctioned by the Fondazione Roberto Granata, and the collected amount has been donated to toTelethon.

Outside the Villa of the Hundred Chimneys, where to animate the arrival of the guests was a group of models was also staged a series of corners with international luxury products – including the Dutch designer jewelry Claudia Hamers, bags and shoes by My7Ways, shoes by Duccio Venturi, and luxury T-Shirts by Karmaloog Design

Special thanks to Ms. Annabella Pascale and all the staff of Artimino for the lovely hospitality in particular the hotel management that supported us all during the event and the Restaurant of the Resort Biagio Pignatta and its chef de cusine Michela Bottasso, who delighted us with her “delicatessen” in more than one occasion and was definitely friendly and gentle other than extremely professional.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 11.23.40 AM

Special thanks also to Lady Cristina Vannuzzi for the press office.

All the pictures of the event by Edoardo Tranchese

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