Playing at Wimbledon? Sartorial Tips on How to Follow the New Dress Code (You’ve Got This, Serena!)

Few sports have the sort of universally known dress code as tennis does, a fact put on display this week with Wimbledon bouncing along across the pond. I know crisp, clean white is required, and I’ve never even taken a single lesson in my life (though, in fairness, I do pay a lot of attention to wardrobe). Players taking to the court at the famous tourney have had to adjust to a new rule for this year, reports The Guardian, with the use and placement of color being addressed.


Previously, outfits had to be all white, but there was seemingly no restriction on the color of accessories (and undergarments—Serena Williams couldn’t wear this combo she picked last year). This year, players are restricted to wearing color no more than one centimeter thick and only on the outside trim of their apparel, underwear, and anything else that might become “visible during play due to perspiration” (they’re looking at you, sports bra!). To help, I found some street-style inspiration for how to make the most out of that tiny allowance.

I’m sure lots of people will opt for bright neons or ultra-feminine hot pink, but what about eternally elegant black and white? The contrast is unbeatable.

Or instead of a strip of pure black, how about a little bit of sheer fabric added on the end, à la Olivia Palermo?

For color-loving players, I’d suggest a warm orange. It’s cheerful and perfectly spot-on for the middle of summer.

A little glitz never hurts either. As long as there are no rules forbidding metallics, can someone please try a bold gold like the piping on Miroslava Duma’s jacket?

The tennis sweater got downright cultish over the past year or so thanks to a killer version from Rag & Bone. The rules say that the color has to be on the trim, but I think a savvy designer could mimic the classic stripes while staying in accordance with the guidelines.

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