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During the last edition of FASHION FRAMES we met SONIA LUPO and we spoke with her about her work. For Sonia Lupo fashion is poetry, intuition, imagination, but also method and planning approach that is based on the concept of the dress as a result of a planned and conscious intervention on the shapes. She declares that “a trend is never a point of arrival…but a new desire of knowledge”. For this reason she always experiments new fabrics and new cutting techniques. When she designs a collection she doesn’t follow the trends of the moment, but she lets herself to be carried away by her emotions and feelings, trying to find the right balance between the senses of sight and touch.

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Amsterdam Fashion Tv: What inspired you to design wedding dresses?

Sona Lupo: My passion for wedding dresses? I have never thought of designing wedding dresses, they were all the same for me. When I got married I changed my mind and I felt to make this day different and particular. The bride is at the center of attention as in the Renaissance the Man is the protagonist of every action, therefore, she has to be determined with a dress that enhances her personality and womanliness. I reach the final effect through particular cuts of the fabric and chiaroscuro obtained using fabrics of different colors. Here comes my passion for painting techniques; the dress has to be studied, conceived and prepared like an artwork. I always have been fascinated by painting techniques thanks to which you can give life and depth to blank canvas. In order to endorse and enhance womanliness I love to play with the colors to create depth and to highlight some accessories of the dress.

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What will the 2014 bride look like?

I have in mind several collections. Often when I start creating new dresses I seem to have clear ideas but then my mind, that is an erupting volcano, guides the pencil in a different way permitting me to design new dresses. In my collections the attention to details and a strong personality which characterizes my dresses will never miss. I’m sure that fashion industry has to enhance the womanliness of a woman with class and elegance. I wouldn’t like to reveal to much so follow me on my site and on the social networks and you will discover all the news.

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What trends are there currently in the bridal industry?

A trend is never the point of arrival…but a new desire for knowledge. For this reason I always test new fabrics and new cutting techniques. When I design a collection I do not follow the trend of the moment, I let myself be carried away by my emotions, sensations trying to find the right balance between the senses of sight and touch. Even when I design a custom-cut dress I always try to capture the emotion I feel when I know the bride. This helps me to create a perfect dress for her personality and that enhances all her womanliness. Elements of nature and particular fabrics never miss in my collections, these elements live my creations which become the protagonists. I think that fashion is poetry, intuition, fantasy but also method and design approach, the dress is the result of a planned and conscious intervention on the shapes but also an outcome of emotions.

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Do you have any advice for women who have just started to look for their wedding dress?

Choosing a wedding dress is a very important moment full of expectations and emotions. It’s also very important to create relationships with the future brides, let them feel comfortable and special. This is why at the first appointment I recommend them to don’t come with too many people because everyone has its own point of view that could create even more confusion.

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Finally, tell us a style secret that can make a wedding look magic.

In my opinion the wedding dress doesn’t have to change absolutely the bride’s personality but has to enhance and express her in the best way. Choosing a wedding dress is very difficult. I try to understand the bride’s personality, know her, study her shapes, her bearing and the context of the wedding, everything to recommend her the suitable dress that, thanks to her, will regain her soul getting back to live and to dream. Trust the designer’s competence and let yourself be carried away by dreams. Live the moment of the wedding dress’ choice as a beautiful dream entering in a steeped world of glamour and mystery and not as an obsession.

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