Fashion Food at – “Hof Van Cleve KRUISHOUTEM, BELGIUM”

Belgian’s food champion continues to inspire

Chef Peter Goossens has been flying the flag for Belgian fine dining for more than 25 years at his beautiful farmhouse set among the fields of Flanders. The rustic exterior belies the sleek elegance of the dining rooms within, which are adorned with modern art by some of the country’s leading painters and hand-made Belgian glassware, furniture and crockery.

Goossens describes local food as being part of the DNA of his kitchen with produce such as Belgian beer, smoked eel and witlof (chicory) showcased on the restaurant’s multi-course ‘Freshness of Nature’ and vegetarian ‘Field, Garden and Wood’ menus. The chef is not restricted by national pride, however, expertly blending ingredients from further afield to create memorable dishes that manage to be both modern and classic at the same time.

A starter of Guilvinec langoustine with spelt, chorizo and Parmesan is served two ways – one hot dish, one cold – to highlight the interplay of flavours. This could be followed by an exquisitely presented main of Anjou pigeon with bacon, potato mousseline and black truffle, which reflects the chef’s culinary education working in Paris restaurants such as Le Pré Catelan.

Goossens’ wife Lieve oversees the front-of-house operation with effortless charm, ensuring that service is smooth without being stuffy, while the tremendous cheese and chocolate trolleys that patrol the tables ensure a happy ending to every meal.


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