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Unpretentious but sophisticated Italian cooking

The look of Le Calandre’s dining room may appear a little more modern than before, but don’t worry, the approach in the kitchen remains basically the same and Massimiliano ‘Max’ Alajmo’s cooking is as understated and downright delicious as ever. Located in a small and somewhat uninspiring town in the Veneto region close to Padua, the restaurant is very much a family affair with Alajmo’s older brother Raffaele overseeing the dining room with a suitable degree of finesse.

He tends to push first-timers towards Le Calandre’s Grand Classics menus, a succession of finely tuned signature dishes that always includes the kitchen’s extraordinary suckling pig, served either with a pungent mustard sauce or, when in season, decadent amounts of finely grated white truffle. Other must-haves include a saffron risotto with liquorice powder and a more recently conceived dish of a single raviolo with chicory and ricotta and carrot juice topped with white truffle.

The Alajmo portfolio has increased over the years with a more informal spin-off adjoined to Le Calandre and a seriously chic and breathtakingly expensive restaurant that overlooks Venice’s St Mark’s Square. But Max hasn’t let his success go to his head: despite being considered one of the greatest of all Italian chefs, he is modest almost to a fault: “I don’t create anything. I simply showcase the ingredients,” he says.


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