Blooming in Florals

This dress..  a garden in full bloom..

Fashion designer brands like (for example) Carven, Elie Saab,  Dries van Noten, Dolce & Gabanna (and many more) use this colorful print a lot. You have probably seen all kind of garment in full bloom lately. Dresses, pants, tops and skirts and even in 3D life-size versions.

Prints have always been popular on the runway but flowers tend to stand out lately,  just like other items of nature like palms, leafs and fruit. 

Wear your floral item in many ways. Just be careful when mixing it with other prints. Too much florals together may make you look like a wallpaper from the 60s. Floral is a feminine print at first sight, but even men can wear this off.

The look: I found this dress at Zara at the end of summer ’13. This dress reminds me of a holiday while walking through Puerto Banus (Marbella, Spain) a few years ago, and seeing a Versace dress with pancies in the window of a shop. I fell in love..  Now I have my own (bit cheaper) pancy dress.  

This floral pattern also remembers me of my mom’s gardens, always colorful and flourishing. Sunny and happy and somehow romantic too. I don’ t have such amazing gardening skills so I stick with floral clothes.

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