ES’ GIVIEN – The Italian Excellence @ Pitti

Expression of italian excellence is this brand ES’ GIVIEN by the 3 Zampini sisters. En expression of the italian innovation through deep research of new and organic materials that brings beauty and exclusivity to this avantgarde and stylish clothes. We had the chance to meet Vivilla Zampini at last edition of Pitti in Florence that with an exclusive interview she talks about their brand.

ES like the Es of Freud. GI for Gaia. VI for Vivilla, EN for Nives 

A brand name, a life philosophy, a project born in 2004 by the idea of three sisters from Verona (Italy): Gaia, Nives and Vivilla. 

With different skills, from marketing to psychology, from design to public relations and the same background – that one of the crafts and the business venture inherited by the family – plus the precious collaboration with little local craftsmanlike realities, the three girls with their brand have soon cornered an enviable space in the complicated fashion system

These are the main characteristic of this brand:

– Quality and Handcraft.

– A product entirely made in Italy.

– Eco-friendly.

The greatest search of cloth and yarns, high quality in tailoring, constant attention to details with a big enthusiasm and will to do, are bringing an image of excellent quality to exclusively distinguish the brand.

Made in Italy.

From jersey to knitwear, from clothing to leather accessory. New knitting tecniques, experiments in cut and construction. Cotton, linen, cashmere lints.

Rawhide, soft leather, patent leather.

A minimal chic collection, easy to wear.

Continuative element: a refined basic taste for items that whisper smartness and refinement.

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