Marie Stella Maris – Contribute to The Clean Drinking Water

In Amsterdam at corner with Keizersgacht and Huidenstraaat in the heart of the 9 streets we find this concept store definitelly interesting that let us think about something that all of us thake for granted….. drinkable clean water.

These are their thoughts about it:

Times we tend to forget that what is most important to us, because we have grown so used to it; like clean drinking water. Thankfully, in 2010 the United Nations declared access to clean drinking water and sanitation to be a basic human right (Resolution 64/292).

Resolution 64/292 has inspired them in 2011 to develop MARIE-STELLA-MARIS, simply because they care. MARIE-STELLA-MARIS strongly believes in the idea of taking care of one another and spreading creativity, personality and style to realize our social objectives.

Through sharing our personal interests and by offering a broad range of water and care products we are capable to change the life of others. For each product you purchase, MARIE-STELLA-MARIS donates a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide.



They offer natural mineral water in two variants; non-carbonated and lightly sparkling. All water is bottled at the Sifrès source in Hoensbroek (the Netherlands) and the St. Nikolaus Quelle in Malborn (Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany).

MARIE-STELLA-MARIS natural mineral water is only available in the Netherlands at a number of small scale retailers, BP petrol stations and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Other wholesalers e.g. Deli XL, Hanos, Heineken Groothandel, Hocras, De Kweker and Zegro have listed our products. For questions concerning our distribution, please get in touch at


For each MARIE-STELLA-MARIS product you purchase, They donate a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects. 

For complete information please refer to their website at

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