Luxury toys that go perfectly with your superyacht

7 Must-Have Superyacht Toys

When cruising around on your superyacht just isn’t giving you the same thrill, there’s the Seabob Cayago F7. A personal water scooter that can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h, this little craft has ten gears that enable precise control.


JetLev-Flyer 260

Like the Seabob, the JetLev Flyer 260 gives a little extra boost of adrenaline. Made completely of carbon fiber, the JF260 is an ultra-lightweight jetpack that will have you flying  high with its 260 HP marine engine.

JetLev - Flyer JF 250

Green Yachts’ Climbing Wall

A unique, easy-to-handle yacht accessory is the Climbing Wall from Green Yachts. It can be set up by just two people and provides a fun and challenging activity for everyone. It is produced in collaboration with Aquaglide, and offers three different levels of difficulty that can be customized.



Another power-packed luxury toy is the JetSurf. If you get impatient waiting for the right wave to come along or you can’t even seem to get up on a wave, this toy will be your best friend. With its 17 HP engine, the JetSurf can reach speeds of up to 57 km/h and helps anyone hit the waves.


FreeStyle Cruiser Superyacht Slide

The absolute must-have superyacht toy has got to be the inflatable water slide. And no one makes superyacht slides quite like FreeStyle Cruiser. Each of their slides is custom fitted to the yacht and can be stored with minimal space. The Non Leg Supported version can even be deployed in about 20 minutes. Less time waiting and more time playing!


Henshaw Inflatables Sea Pool

No more pesky sea creatures for you! The Sea Pool from Henshaw Inflatables lets you swim in the sea while being entirely jellyfish free.


Transparent Canoe Kayak from Hammacher Schlemmer

With its transparent polymer hull, this transparent canoe-kayak hybrid is perfect for exploring clear, shallow water. It will also get you off your superyacht and out getting some exercise.


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