Louis Vuitton Is the Winner of The World Cup

While we all know the actual champion, the victory in the World Cup brand game truly belongs to Louis Vuitton, Vanessa Friedman of The New York Times believes. Partly because no one else has seem to tried to claim the spot. By being commissioned to create a luxurious custom-designed trunk (yes, with the iconic LV monogram all over it) for the golden trophy, luxury French brand ended up as the only fashion star of the show. Not that we ever tried to complain about lack of fashion in the tournament, but our hearts definitely started to beat faster once we saw the World Cup trophy wrapped in Louis Vuitton.


The sought-after prize was unveiled and presented by Brazil’s most famous fashion and powerful model Gisele Bündchen. Oh, and she was also sporting a gorgeous belted turquoise dress from the Louis Vuitton 2015 cruise collection. “It was a great honor to represent my country and the people of Brazil in this celebration carrying the LV FIFA Trophy Case,” said Gisele. The golden statuette has already travelled in a luxury ”it-bag” before, namely during the previous World Cup in 2010. Is Louis Vuitton going to become a part of the championship awarding tradition? Or will another fashion player try to take over? We will see in 2018. But as for today, Louis Vuitton definitely owns the brand game.


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