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Who says you can’t start up your own designer bag range? In Amal’s eyes everything is possible, as long as you want it hard enough and your passion is strong enough. One thing is certain, the determination and passion need to be strong enough!

We asked Amal who is she:

So, who am I? I’m Amal Ledrhem – the single mum of two fabulous children – my 13 year old son, Malik and Elissa, my daughter, who is 9.

And what makes my Amal-Design bags so different from all the other bags out there is that each design has been carefully thought out and then looked at and thought about again. I look at a basic design and then look at what is missing. Really, what I do is dress up a basic design, inside and out. I make sure it has a great lining with extra pockets so that it’s also practical. The pattern or the colour of the leather make the bag what it is and give it its “look”. To sum it all up, I think about the details that put that special finishing touch on my bags.

This is my latest design with a fabulous panther print lining, available in 3 colors; white/green and black. This is a practical and fashionable bag to carry a tablet or your other A4 documents.


For the summer I’ve had some really cool, colourful, hand-woven reed bags made. They are beautifully finished off with sequins and real leather. They are sturdy on the outside and beautifully lined with soft beige cotton on the inside, which also forms a tie string fastener at the top to keep the sand off your things.

 The bags are decorated with a “Hamsa, the hand of Fatima”. I chose this hand because it is the symbol of protection in many cultures. You can’t take the protection idea too seriously but the diversity of the cultures that use this hand and the idea behind that makes it a beautiful symbol for me – and that is why I’ve put it on my bags.

For women, at the moment I have chosen mainly classy bags that exude quality with timeless style. I want the women that own my bags to feel full of self-confidence, knowing that they look like a lady in a million by carrying my bag. But the women who carry an Amal-Design want to be themselves and are proud of who they are. ‘Why would you want to be someone else if you can be yourself? No-one is better at being you than you!’

I’m also busy with a daring, but very fashionable line for men, right now. The men’s bags will be functional and fashionable at the same time. Today’s men are also fashion conscious and that is now accepted (and we love it J ).

For the men I’m busy with a bag for their tablet and a matching travel / sports bag. The bags’ look will be eye-catching mainly through the pattern in the leather and the trimmings, which give them the perfect finish.

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