Welcome Cyprien

Hello all I am Cyprien Richiardi. I love and follow fashion trands, but I will not be swayed by her …

My thirst for knowledge and my curiosity will let you travel to new and unusual situations …

That’s all what I am:

I love to travel, to learn and to explore new situations and trends always, throught my blog you will find all about myself my pictures and my articles so you’ll get into my reality.

My passion for fashion, slowly grew inside me, I am very dynamic, I love what  I’m doing and I love doing research. I try to differentiate myself from the mass.

I’ve got my personality and I want to fulfill my dreams not someone else ..

I have very clear ideas and I want to be useful to all of you by giving you an excerpt of my work.

The fashion the art and culture are the 3 basic elements of my personality. I love attending parties  in style with always trying to differentiate myself with my personal style.

That’s why my motto is a “that’s all”, cause everyone has to discover their own “that’s all”


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