Shopping For The Best Chili Sauce With Naomi: The Supermodel Revisits Brixton for a Special Vogue film

Earlier this year, the legendary 43-year-old catwalk star surprised the locals of Brixton suburb with her rather unexpected appearance at the Brixton Village market. The supermodel, accompanied by Tunisian couturier Azzedine Alaïa (who is like an industry father to her), took a casual stroll around the streets, popping into the stores and mingling with the crowd of excitable locals. And did you know that the supermodel had a lot of useful shopping advice to share?


In a new film shot by Bruce Weber, which is a part of special Vogue project, you can see Naomi indicating an underripe melon and helping her papi Azzedine pick the best chili sauce. In his film, Weber tried to show us the real South London girl in Naomi, although, as fairly pointed out by the local website Brixton Blog, the superstar is “probably more used to LA and Paris than SW9 these days.’

Taking us on a trip to Campbell’s roots, the footage also shows her reunion with family and friends, mixed with the old photographs and school reports. You can see the softer side of Naomi as she is snuggling with her godson and kindly agreeing to pose with her fans. And when the camera shows her holding a cheesy slice of margherita from a market stall, you can almost believe the legendary Black Panther is only human (spoiler alert: she didn’t really eat that).

The full-length video of the shoot comes with a purchase of the August issue of British Vogue. You can have almost as much fun watching the teaser, though – it is set to Bob Marley soundtrack.


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