Introducing Holographic Runway Models: The End Of Fashion World As We Know It? Not Today Science!

As much as we are looking forward to the sci-fi future, the science gets us frustrated sometimes. Remember when they doubted our colour matching skills? And now again science is trying to take away what we love most.

Last month, a special study published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education concluded that our favourite catwalk models can be replaced with their holographic versions. The research led by two scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University revealed that “the techniques used to produce the avatar could have applications within a range of disciplines, including performing arts, sports and fashion”.

To be fair, the original study project was aimed at ‘recording the motion of ballet dancers for both performance analysis and corrective coaching’, but the guys decided to take the idea further and assumed it would be rather exciting to apply the concept to the world of haute couture. They even have the name for the digital supermodel: Ava the avatar. Well, hold it right there.

On one hand, we are always excited and appreciate what science brings to us. In this very case, the innovation is said to “improve sizing standards across the garment industry” and help
dancers and athletes improve their performance. Also, if we’re talking Tupac Coachella hologram action, it might actually be exciting to see some of our fashion icons reincarnated.

But at the same time, we’re pretty sure there is no way you can generate a personality in your 3D lab, can you? Can you breathe fierce into Ava? Her walk could be on point perfect, but honestly, we love our models when they trip and fall too. Please don’t take this away from us.

In 2011, Burberry showed us that hologram runway shows can be impressive, but the limits should be set.
In 2011, Burberry showed us that hologram catwalks can be impressive, but the limits should be set.

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