Remember Agyness Deyn? Model-Turned-Designer Launched Her Own Androgynous Clothing Label

Agyness Deyn is back! It is been quite a long time since you’ve seen her on the news, and admit it – it was long enough that now your Aggy-inspired bleach-and-chop pixie haircut has probably grown into something more natural and Cara-like. Agyness Deyn has once taken the world by storm and climbed to fame with her unforgettable edgy style and unique take on fashion. She has served as a source of inspiration and muse to many designers and fashionistas, and taught us to be more quirky and daring in our fashion choices.

So what is the blonde Brit has been up too? First, she took a five-year break from modelling to pursue a career in acting in L.A., and then she decided she will not pose for cameras or walk the runway no more. Instead, she channels her signature masculine look into her very own collection.

A new line called Title A has already debuted on Net-a-Porter last week. Deyn revealed that the brand was very much inspired by the modern feminism and the and the young generation activists “doing their thing”. “These young women are like, Yeah, I’m not perfect. This is my body. This is the way I want to express myself. And that’s inspiring to us. We look to these young women and older women who are like that, who definitely have that strength. I know that when I put on a suit — I don’t wear it for business, obviously, but it does make you feel — it makes me feel comfortable, and it’s provocative in a different way. I feel like women today are finding other ways of being provocative, which is strong.”

The collection comprises” boxy “suits, dresses and shirts with prices ranging from $79 to $955. “We started craving the simplicity of style, the classics, including really good fabrics, and wanted to be able to give all this to younger women and older women for a price that’s really affordable”.

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Agyness also explained the role of androgyny in this collection: “I’ve always worn boys’ clothes growing up and menswear all the time, but I feel like this is slightly different. It has sexy dressing. It has very feminine silks, which flow. Silk dresses and silk nightshirts that are very feminine. There’s lots of silk-velvet draped shirts that hang. It’s kind of that cross between how Mick Jagger and Kurt Cobain wore women’s clothes that kind of fit. At the moment, there’s kind of a non-gender. Some guys actually dress more feminine than women in their tight jeans and T-shirts and things like that. So, I feel like it’s not just like, Oh, we’re making a menswear collection in the burn-your-bra-feminism way. It’s more of embracing femininity with whatever you wear, like the silk dresses. “

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