My 7 Way Opening in Bussum August 30th.

Bussum, Aug. 30, new opening event, My7Ways, a line of accessories, fragrances and clothing.

Fashion reflects the women, their ideas of the world and even the way they dress.  The basic concept that inspires the brand My 7 Ways of Astrid Beerkens, since its founding, is to enlarge the image bags not only as an accessory, tying the lifestyle product color, making it “fashion”, exalting in its forms and in the peculiarity of the research craft that indicates the designer to explain an emotion which is the synthesis of this project.

My 7 ways has its own peculiarity: the seven colors of the rainbow that the designer “uses “for his creations as psychological stimulus, a kind of therapy, with irony and humor.

The opening of the boutique sums up the whole world of My7Ways, the handbags and accessories, fragrances and clothing line.

In this fine location the line of fragrances plays an important part of for the designer Astrid Beerkens. The olfactory creations of the Maison My7Ways, heady fragrances, both for the person and the interiors, seductive, hypnotic charm, a journey through the world of plants and floral, the ultimate luxury, the elegance of the packaging of the Dutch House, the box that plays on contrasts, is emphasized by the large logo in large letters, the light sticks to spread the fragrance , relaxing atmosphere of happiness and well-being …… smell when the weather can only blossom, never die.

And then Italian craftsmanship and design for dresses, jackets, long coats, essential items in futuristic scouba, sweatshirts glam for the line To Be Think and Wear, made ​​in Italy, printed and embroidered flowers, iconic and ironic at the same time, fun and with flash of cheerful colors to pass through the winter, created by the designer directly in Italy, in Florence, perfectly compatible with the philosophy of My7Ways by Astrid Beerkens.

Good Luck to the store Manager Celine Beerkeens.

The event location was plenty of medias and  bn’ers and of course Amsterdam Fashion Tv was there to report the event.

Amoung the presents we had the chance of interviewing Astrid’s friends: Michiel Sanders Celebrities Hair stylist, Willemijn
Van Henten, the Marketing and Sales director Toine Diters and of course the store manager Celine Beerkens.


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