GRIGI from Portugal – Great Success During Milano Fashion Week

When it comes to innovation and emerging brands Amsterdam Fashion Tv is always ready to promote and showcase. During next Milano Fashion Week at 5 VIE at Neoclassica in september 19th. Amsterdam Fashion Tv will showcase this great idea from Portugal og GRIGI Designer emegerd from a syllables game and from the Italian “grigio” – gray – which symbolism encloses an inner strength able to support external problems, GRIGI is a dream that avenged itself in a crisis scenario and demoralization.

“All designers have a gift. My identity is revealed in experimentation – mutation, another face of utilitarian pieces with double functionality, the new and the different.”

The great precursor on the way to a ‘mature design’ was Barena and the brand’s remarkable work exclusively using natural materials.

Amsterdam Fashion Tv during last Milano Fashion Week Showcased a promising new upcoming label from Portugal that has tons of innovative solutions and style. Susteinability can be fashionable when it comes to CORK

A period of great intellectual/ creative enrichment and refinement that brought the knowledge and confidence needed to master materials and color palettes.

In Portugal, the academic challenge of choosing local materials and renew their appearance without identity loss was guided by the italian inspiration and the particular interest in knitwear.

The Knitted Cork was the aim tailored by dissatisfaction with the use of such noble and iconic material.

GRIGI was born with this innovation, mixing the values of tradition, ecology, sustainability and the desire to bring design to cork and cork to a plural place closer to the consumer, through clothing.”

The essence of what we do has become the dream of many – a contagious strength.”


The bark of the Cork Oak (Querqus Suber L), a singular tree whose natural habitat is the Western Mediterranean Basin, a fundamental pillar of a unique ecological system.

Stands out its ability to regenerate naturally after each cork extraction, which allows it to be husked 15 to 18 times in its 200 years.

The structure and chemical composition of Cork confer it a set of unique qualities:

• Renewable;

• 100% natural and biodegradable;

• Impermeable to liquids and gases;

• Thermal, acoustic and vibration insulation;

• Lightness and buoyancy;

• Elasticity and compressive strength;

• Resistance to wear;

• Hypoallergenic;

• Fire resistant and non-toxic;

• Chemically inert.


Handmade portuguese fabric of highland origin made entirely of wool.

Vegetable Silk

Highly compressed fiber, extracted from stems and seeds of certain plants. The resulting fabric is light, fluid, with some transparency. Its irregular appearance gives it an artisanal look even when made using industrial looms.

The Collection

GRIGI is more than the tremendous potential of Cork and the materialization of its integration was the collection ‘Natural Box’.

To present the Knitted Cork different rich materials were combined to support it with a simultaneously parallel and perpendicular.

Burel, strong and dense, is the main element, sharing the same essential physical properties of cork, impermeability and thermal and acoustic insulation.

Vegetable silk, light and fluid, serves as the counterpoint. The collection highlights Cork, in the forefront or applied to details and finishings on other noble materials, a combination of structured and fluid pieces in natural tones – the harmony of a blank canvas.

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