Ksenia Schnaider’s capsule collection at Paris Fashion Week

As part of the public fashion movement #FASHIONFORPEACE, initiated by Daria Shapovalova, Ukrainian brand Ksenia Schnaider designed a capsule collection for an online concept store N-Duo-Concept.com, curated by Natuka Karkashadze and Nino Tsilosani. Presentation of the capsule collection attracted a vast audience to the More Dash showroom during Paris Fashion Week.

Ksenia Schnaider: “The #FASHIONFORPEACE movement inspired us to create this capsule collection that introduces Ukraine, its traditions and culture, in a positive and light-hearted manner. That’s why my moodboard was covered with pictures of costumes from Chervona Ruta, a 1971 Ukrainian pop-folk musical film, and video stills from eponymous Chervona Ruta festival – the first Ukrainian rock festival held back in 1989. I am very pleased that we could speak about Ukraine to fashion industry professionals during Paris Fashion Week in such a friendly atmosphere, and very grateful to everyone who attended.”


Daria Shapovalova: “The idea of #FASHIONFORPEACE resonates with more and more fashion insiders. Founders of the N-duo-concept store – Natuka Karkashadze and Nino Tsilosani – offered to collaborate with a Ukrainian designer, and Ksenia Schnaider came up with such a great idea. The Ksenia Schnaider x N-Duo Concept collection is very deep and memorable.”


Natuka Karkashadze: “We just fell in love with Daria’s brilliant idea – #FASHIONFORPEACE – and are very happy to join the initiative, supporting a Ukrainian designer during this difficult period for their country. Ksenia Schnaider created lovely dresses in the spirit of traditional Ukrainian costume, but so modern and wearable. It was very nice to host the event together with Daria Shapovalova – the most inspiring and positive person in the fashion industry.”


The collection is based on three key colors of Ukrainian culture. Each item, decorated with traditional cross-stitched roses, is executed in red, white and black. “Chervona Ruta`89” was the collection’s working title to honor the first ever rock festival in Ukraine. The capsule collection includes Ksenia Schnaider’s reworked trademark dresses, inspired by the uniforms of hermits and monks, and light parkas with a strong must-have potential as they combine practical comfort with intricate embroidery on the front and the back. A long-sleeved sweatshirt decorated with embroidered roses and the #FASHIONFORPEACE slogan can also become a great addition to a style-conscious wardrobe. The collection will be available online on the N-Duo Concept store’s website.

The presentation in More Dash showroom was attended by Aliona Doletskaya (Interview Magazine), Robb Young (Business of Fashion), Dasha Veledeeva (Harper’s Bazaar Russia), Masha Tsukanova and Tatiana Solovey (Vogue Ukraine), Adam Katz Sinding (W Magazine, Le21eme), Yvan Rodic (Facehunter), Candela Novembre (blogger), Eugenia and Irina Linovich (designers and socialites), as well as designers Anton Belinsky, Anna Kolomoets (Anna K), Kostya Omelya (OMELYA), Olga Demidova (DMDV), Natia Chkhartishvili (Eshvi), Anouki Areshidze (Anouki), Anna October, Lera Leshchova, Alisa Kuzembaeva, Anton Galetskiy (Galetsky Moscow), Julia Paskal (Paskal), Nurgiz Tasybaeva (De Guisse) and many others. Beppe Angiolini (buyer for Sugar Arezzo, Italy), Sivano Vangi (buyer for Luisa Via Roma, Italy), Elena Paschenko and Alexandra Borodina (buyers for Helen Marlen, Ukraine), Livia Gregoretti (Livia Gregoretti showroom, Italy), Georgia Viola were there to see the collection and congratulate Ksenia Schnaider.

Credit Anton Yeremenko,  Gianluca Senese.




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