Last Milano Fashion Week Dutch Fashion Showcase by Amsterdam Fashion Tv

SEP. 18 TO 20. The fashion showcase launched the evening of September 18th. where The Consul of The Netherlands David de Waal hosted at its house in Milan, Amsterdam Fashion TV of the IFN International Fashion Network for the Milan Fashion Week, with a selection of dutch fashion designer. Among the guests were present various members of Camera Buyer Italiana Moda, Including the President Mario dell’Oglio, Tiziano Cereda, Harvey Nichols HL and several fashion editor from different fashion magazines.

There was presented a preview of the new SS15 collections of Ilja Visser whose clothes are inspired by the works of design created by artists such as James Turrell and Olafur Elisson, with use of fluids in contrast with glitter fabric, some creations of Mattijs van Bergen with a series of items from the new collection preview, Rythme Coloré, demonstrating, as always its high creative ability, and quality of the material, the great jewellery by Louis Rodrigo Correa Otazu and the new line of handbags of My 7 Ways by Astrid Beerkens inspired by the 7 colors of the rainbow.

On the evening of 19th, the showcase continued, in the circuit of the 5 Vie thank to Emanuele Tessarolo, with tableau vivant in two different locations.

At the headquarters of NEOCLASSICA in via San Maurilio 20 gallery of passionate researchers of objects, furniture and neoclassical paintings, mainly focused on the “Empire” style, with a selected niche of works for the prestigious napoleonic style collectors. Guido Della Volpe PR of NEOCLASSICA was an elegant support to assist the networking between this stunning location and its guests. During the fashion performances we had the chance of tasting superb tuscan wines offered by Annabella Pascale from Artimino vineyards.

Other location part of the fashion showcase curated by Christine Egger, who for years oversaw the Dutch fashion Foundation in Italy promoting new talents, was the amazing BECARA in Piazza Mentana 3, where installations by young designers like GRIGI from Portugal, MAISON LAPONTE of Milan and PATRIZIA SARTORIO from Torino animated the big windows of the shop facing the beautiful piazza Mentana heart of 5 VIE in Milano. The new bags collection of My 7 Ways by Astrid Beerkens were also part of the dressing in this special location. Special thank to Louis Rodrigo Correa Otazu that landed his magnificent pieces to dress the models and the stylist Graziella Ferraro that helped in dressing all the showcase. Among the present guests there were various members of Camera Buyer Italy, and the Italian fashion press.

On Saturday 20th, the showcase continued with a B to B meeting on the Dsquared’s Pools and Terrace, Ceresio 7. Special Guest the President of Camera Buyer Italia Mario Dell’Oglio. During this special event it has been settled a round table in which a combination of journalists and buyers were bond to study these new proposals in a chilled mood with several refreshments pool side.

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