Amsterdam Denim City: A look back at the Global Denim and Awards a look at 2015

Global Denim Awards, Team Peter Stigter.

It’s been a week since the pilot of the Global Denim Awards, made possible by e3, held in Amsterdam. The first Global Denim Awards, a Dutch winner: Jonathan Christopher. Global Denim Awards was conceived as both fashion event and platform for denim innovation. That means that even though the time is over, the journey has just begun. Amsterdam’s position as a European capital of denim gets the next twelve months further shape by Denim City and second edition of Amsterdam Denim Days. A look back and a look ahead.

Global Denim Awards, Winner: Jonathan Christopher

Winner Jonathan Christopher (27) – who went home with $ 10,000 – earned a master’s degree at ArtEZ Fashion Masters in Arnhem after his fashion studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. He is part of the design of Karl Lagerfeld that is based in Amsterdam and also produces private label men (Jonathan Christopher Homme). For Global Denim Awards, he collaborated with the Italian weaving ITV denim, known for its progressive attitude towards sustainable production. For his nomadic inspired collection Christopher opted mostly for residual material to do with new substances. He demonstrated a fur-like vest unraveled to waste frills denim and created residual yarn carefully juxtaposed a sweater in various shades of indigo. In addition to the cash prize Christopher won a traveling exhibition. His collection will be exhibited at the Kingpins Shows in Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and during the Amsterdam Denim Days 2015.

The catwalk presentation took place in Denim City. Founded by Foundation House of Denim and located in the former tram depot De Hallen, Denim City will officially open in early 2015. This innovation campus for the denim industry houses the international Jean School and a denim workshop / studio and will further include consist of a Blue Lab – where denim brands and students can work with sustainable washes and paint techniques – an Indigo Embassy, where denim companies flex office spaces to rent and a denim archive. Regarding the founders Denim City is the place where innovators, students, entrepreneurs, visionaries and scientists come together in order to work “towards a brighter blue.”

About the Global Denim Awards
Where usually only the designers in the spotlight standing at design competitions, chose the organization of the Global Denim Awards deliberately intensive cooperation with denim weavers from Italy, Turkey, Spain and China. This Jonathan Christopher, Stefano Ughetti, Gizem Turan, Fernanda Fernandes, Bhavesh Samji and Anneloes of Osselaer got the chance to visit six leading denim weavers and delve into innovation in weaving techniques, washes and treatments. E3 was engaged to a partner. e3 is sustainable cotton division of Bayer CropScience.

The concept of Global Denim Awards was developed by the Amsterdam fashion recruitment & consultancy HTNK in collaboration with House of Denim and Kingpins Show. These substances fair that only the best denim weaving mills worldwide represents was founded in 2004 and after trade shows in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong deliberately chose Amsterdam as denim capital of Europe.

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