There Are a Lot of Gorgeous Dresses From a Bunch of Different Eras in Taylor Swift’s New Video

The just-released music video for Taylor Swift’s single “Blank Space” feels kind of like a movie when you watch it, gorgeous wardrobe included. Any T-Swift news goes ’round our office like wildfire, so when I got a must-watch email from Nikki, I plugged in my headphones, grabbed a note pad, and got to work. The song is catchy and she is fierce with a golf club (and a knife, ax, and scissors), but what we need to discuss is how beautiful the various dresses and two-piece sets she slips into are.


The black lace she wears early on feels very Dolce & Gabbana, 1950s Sicily, and the era also bubbles back up in the cropped pants and short-sleeve cardigan she wears to happily run around her manse (it feels very in-line with the Audrey Hepburn-type uniform she loves rocking in her normal, non-music video life).

There are also a lot of moments that could have been plucked from photos of Grace Kelly in the 1960s, including the striped halter dress she’s in while picnicking, the simple blue and white numbers she wears later, and the bow-covered tea-length dress she’s in to hang up the portrait of her beloved (turned murder target). It’s so Princess-in-Dior, I want to cheer out loud. The riding habit she wore, oversized white blouse and jodhpurs included, also smacked of Grace.

Another outfit from the decade that I loved was the high-waisted shorts and sweater combo she wore outside (though it was probably too teenager’y for Princess Grace to have worn).

Throw it back a few decades earlier and I was getting some Great Gatsby vibes from the blue aqua and metallic silver gowns she had on while dining and dancing. Zoom ahead, and I saw a sophisticated veil put on ’80s staples like the cropped bandeau top, skirt, and fur stole. The leopard outfit, matching shoes included, could’ve come straight from the disco days of the ’70s, but I’ll also entertain arguments that it had a Rizzo from Grease inspiration behind it.

Is your heading spinning? The notes I scribbled while watching have even more scribble on top of them and I’ve got to hand it to Taylor—fashion-wise, this is her prettiest yet.

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