Just In Time for Thanksgiving Travel: Amal Clooney’s Crazy Chic Airport Outfit

Ever since Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin) has come into our lives, it’s been just a bit chicer, wouldn’t you say? Wedding weekend aside, she’s got amazing style and is legitimately on course to knock Kate Middleton out of the top spot as Britain’s most stylish woman with the best hair. Now, she’s just given us what I’d like to nominate as one of the most pulled-together airport outfits, ever.


Nikki just gave us some fabulous celeb inspiration for going from curbside to tarmac and while they’re all fantastic, Amal’s look is in a class of its own. No jeans or cozy sweaters for this woman—it’s all about a sculpted dress, opaque tights, and ankle boots. The super-polished look is becoming pretty standard for Mrs. C, but there’s actually a smart styling nugget to take away. If you want (or need) to arrive off a flight looking like you could take a meeting with your boss, look for strong silhouettes like this one made from fabrics like a brocade or neoprene. The thick fabrics rarely wrinkle or wilt and hold a shape without feeling constrictive to the wearer (like, say, tailored suiting might).

Have you already figured out what you’re wearing to travel this Thanksgiving? (Er, and have you already started packing?). I’m just driving this year and the dog has been assigned to sit on my lap, so I’ll probably be in jeans and a comfy button-down.

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