Made in Detroit: 5 All-American Gifts to Get and Give This Season

Shinola’s newest store in Los Angeles—the Detroit-based brand’s first on the West Coast—opened last month in the heart of Silver Lake, just in time for the holiday shopping season.


If you’re making your gift lists now and are still looking for smart, useful, beautiful, made-in-the-USA presents from a company that’s committed itself to helping revive local manufacturing in one of the most economically devastated cities in United States—Shinola is it. The brand makes a vast range of products—watches, notebooks, dog collars, and even footballs—and its commitment to American craftsmanship makes it one of a kind.


Here are five great gifts to pick up this season from Shinola’s new shop—or you can do what I’m doing and order online from the comfort of my sofa in New York City.


This journal cover that also holds an iPad Mini ($150) is stitched in Ste. Genevieve, Mo., from leather produced by Horween of Chicago. I love how it’s the perfect marriage of old-school (notebook) on the right and new school (tablet) on the left. Plus, all those pockets are great for stashing cards and travel docs.


I love the muted grays and creams in this Shinola x Faribault collaboration wool scarf ($75). The wool comes from a 150-year-old mill situated on the banks of the Cannon River in Faribault, Minn.


A total splurge, so only buy this if you really, really love the person you’re getting it for (or treat yourself!), this Bixby bicycle ($1,950) comes in four colors and isn’t just fancy-looking, it’s technically super-duper too (says the experts at Outside and Bicycling magazines). Check out the Shinola website for full details on how the Bixby is built.


Watches are such a luxury these days—after all, why wear something on your wrist when you can just glance at your phone? So when you’re choosing one, make sure to select a timepiece that reflects the wearer’s personality. The Runwell 36mm ($550) is a great midsize option—it’s handsome, efficient, and built in Detroit.


Last but not least—and, to be honest, this is one of my favorite things that Shinola sells—this retro-inspired Conway Electric Extension Cord ($75) is super practical (seriously, who doesn’t use extension cords these days?), totally cool-looking, and handmade in Seattle. One of my favorite things ever.

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