Taking only orders never sounded like that much fun, what with all those vows of poverty, obedience and well, the other one, but at the Eremito hotel in Umbria, the latest luxury retreat in the Design Hotel Chain, they’ve managed to make it look almost appealing. Taking the trend for “digital detox” to a whole new devout level, the retreat offers complete escapism from modern life, with no Wi-Fi, TV or phone allowed and total silence at mealtimes (with a strictly observed vegetarian menu). From the 14 (now comfortable) cells, which sleep just one person (couples must book two rooms) to the regular prayer, or rather meditation sessions, every attempt has been made to stay faithful to the 13th. century monastery settings. There’s even a soundtrack of Gregorian chants in the spa to put you in a reflective mood while you relax by the pool.

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