Fashion-Wise, Taylor Swift’s "Style" Video Is SO Taylor. Come Watch!

When it comes to Taylor Swift’s recent music videos, part of the reason they’ve been so amazing to watch, if you’re a fashion lover, is how many different outfits she crams in. It’s like she’s playing dress-up or trying on fun costumes (I mean, have you seen “Shake It Off”?) Her video for “Style” has just been released and it’s gorgeous, but gone are the character outfits—this one’s all Taylor.


All of the clothing could be items plucked directly from Tay’s own closet: a filmy lace dress, basic button-up, and short romper (all in white). The only spot of color I counted was a dark navy or black polka-dot top, but aside from that, there’s nothing bright. Swift’spirators will have an accessory choice to mull over too: Toward the beginning of the video you see her playing with a small paper-crane charm, identical-looking to the one she and Harry Styles both wore and she’s immortalized in lyrics (read about it on Much).

Also, I don’t see a single pair of shoes! There are some cat-eye sunnies and rings, but no shoes to discuss!

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