Secrets of a Street-Style Photographer (From Snapping Kanye to Giving Good Pose!)

It’s day three of New York Fashion Week and there have already been some pretty major headlines (ahem: Kanye’s album release and Yeezy Season 3 debut and Rihanna’s much-anticipated Puma runway complete with Hadids). Now we have another one for you: Glamour is exclusively partnering with street-style blog Style du Monde to bring you the best, brightest, most inspiring photos from the week. (OK, it’s not ‘Ye or RiRi, but it’s just as exciting to us!)

Wondering who, exactly, is behind the Style du Monde lens? It’s photographer Acielle, pictured below. She shoots everyone who’s anyone in the fashion world, regularly getting highly coveted snaps of Veronika Heilbrunner, Caroline Issa, and the like, but she started her street-style career as a hobby in her hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. “I was reading a magazine and saw an article about Face Hunter,” she says. “I thought, That’s’ such an interesting idea, and the people in Antwerp would be great for street style.’ I started out doing it once a week and moved into doing it every day. In the beginning, it was difficult to approach people and try to explain what street style is.” Things picked up for Acielle in 2008, when she went to Paris for her first major Fashion Week (and had become bold enough to fight for anyone’s photo). “It was more people, more looks, more excitement,” she says. “I’ve been growing since then, and now I shoot in the four major cities: New York, London, Paris, and Milan. I also shoot in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.”

This week, Acielle is in New York where she will be snapping one-of-a-kind Fashion Week shots just for you. Before she hits the streets, we asked her to spill her juiciest secrets—from what it’s like to shoot Kanye West to how to look great in any photo. Read on!

Style du Monde’s Acielle.

OK, be honest, which Fashion Week city is your favorite to shoot?
All of the four major cities have their own characteristics. In Paris, I see more people: editors and bloggers. In London, people are more adventurous. In New York, people are more business. Milan is colorful!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get a shot?
When I shot Kanye West outside a Celine show. He always comes to fashion shows in his black Porsche, so everyone knows it’s him. When he arrives, there are so many people around him, so my husband held me up over the barrier of people, paparazzi, and his security so that I could shoot from above.


And what’s the most outrageous thing you’ve seen someone wear to get shot?
Anna Dello Russo is always wearing something outstanding. When people see her, they literally run after her. Some people put on everything they have in the house and it’s so crazy it doesn’t work for full body images, but you can shoot details of the look—just the shoes or the bag. I’m more interested on inspiring people with what to wear in their daily lives, so I shoot more streamlined outfits. I think peacocking is going down because now people want to see a real interpretation of current trends that they can apply to their daily life.


So, what makes you want to take someone’s photo? What can our readers learn from that?
Colorful outfits attract lots of attention. A mix of fabrics, patterns, or prints can help get your photograph taken. The background can help too—if you’re colorfully dress and just happen to walk by a perfect bright blue wall or graffiti wall…

I’m also drawn to a cool combination of pieces and an element of surprise. I recently shot Susie Bubble in a Vetements dress when she put it over jeans and a striped turtleneck and striped socks with her heels. It was a really different combination that caught my eye. Try lots of layers and unexpected silhouettes.


Of all the fashion you’ve been scouting on the street, which pieces do you think will become trends this season?
I think long, statement sleeves will still be going strong. Trends from the ’90s and 2000s are in. And everything has been oversize. I also like the unisex style that’s popular, like Vetements hoodies.

All right, lastly, you have to spill: What makes someone look perfect in a photo? What tips can readers take away?
Posture is really important. Don’t arch your shoulders forward or put your head too low. Susie, for example, is actually hard to photograph sometimes because she looks down often. Confidence is next—I think a smile helps with that. Try to face the light and stand away from any crowds.


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