Wake Up, Work Out, Feel Great Early Morning Exercise Kicks Butt

People often ask me:“How can you wake up so early and start working out?

My answer is simple: “Every single cell in my body calls for it!

When you are a newbee and start exercising for the first time,you really have to motivate yourself. But once you are stuck to a regular training schedule,it will become easier because during the training sessions your brain starts producing lots and lots of endorphin.The endorphin gives you that euphoric feeling which makes that you want more of it and as a result you start longing for your next training.When all of this sounds like an addiction to you,you’re completely right,but don’t worry:it is a healthy one!

The early morning is a great time to exercise;it gives me energy and focus. It puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day.I am convinced that a healthy mind cannot exist without a healthy body.

If you get up early and start exercising,your body automatically starts feeling good and will pay you back by feeling completely rejuvenated.It might even slow down your aging process,so why wait?

The results are great:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced stress level
  • Better Sleep
  • Higher productivity

Don’t skip breakfast.Your body needs fuel.It gives your metabolism a kick start and makes your workout more effective.Your body burns more calories after your workout even while sitting behind your desk.This could last up to 24 hours!

Once you are done, you feel great and ready for the challenges of the day.

So let’s get started.Give it a go.

Set the alarm to get up early and start rejuvenating your precious body!

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