Are you ready for the next step? It’s time for some outdoor training!

Adilia in the park
Adilia in the park

After many years of doing indoor group trainings, someone who attended my classes asked me why I didn’t give similar workouts outdoors.I thought it over and decided to go for it.I needed to find the absolute right spot within busy Amsterdam, a place spacious enough to accommodate several large groups(for sure I wasn’t the only one who came up with this idea)a climbing rack for TRX exercises and above all easy to reach. The beautiful Westerpark seemed like the best bet and off I went!



We work with a What’s App group app so I can anticipate on the number of participants for that particular day.I arrive early at the park to prepare for the workout session whether it rains or not;our main goal was to get in shape, remember?TRX canvas straps are attached to climbing racks and various free-weights and boxing gloves are placed on rubber mats which I’ve brought.


When everybody’s in, we start with a little warming up to wake up our sleepy muscles a little.This could be running a few rounds around the park or just jumping on the spot.Then it’s time for the fun part!For a full hour we do a variety of exercises like squats, lunges, push ups, free weights and TRX exercises and of course we won’t forget our abs.In between the exercises we do some running or jumping to keep our heartbeat high, so that we keep on burning fat, which was one of our main goals, wasn’t it?

When you’re training in the open air, you inhale a higher percentage of oxygen than when exercising indoors, because trees exhale oxygen. Thats one of the reasons why outdoor training removes toxic waste more efficiently from your body than indoor exercises.You feel much more refreshed and totally energised!


Are you in for a challenge which brings you a nicely toned body, better posture and a guaranteed improvement of your overall condition? Then join me and have sneak preview at

See you in the Westerpark!

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