Junqueira Medical Clinic

Doctor Leonardo came to Dubai in 2009, bringing the 10 years of experience from his home country of Brazil, now  Doctor Leandro Junqueira has launched his own medical clinic. He said that United Arab Emirates is a place of opportunities and people around the world come to Dubai to follow their dreams, he wanted to bring the Brazilian touch to the Emirates and combine the two culture.


Doctor Leonardo and his wife Daniela Junqueira


His areas of special interest include Brazilian buttocks augmentation, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction as well as reconstructive surgeries of the face, breast abdomen. Also, the beautiful touches of small procedures, face lift, botox, filler, and laser.

People before were spending a lot of money and time on plastic surgery and not a lot of people were able to do it, for the time being all people can do the plastic surgery easy with the advanced and development of technology

– Doctor Leandro Junqueira

Junqueira Medical Clinic


Junqueira Medical Clinic


Dubai Fashion TV was able to ask Doctor Leandro Junqueira some questions at the press conference, and get to know him a bit better.

What is your favorite operation to do? 

I don’t have a favorite operation I love what I do but if I choose one, it would be the face with the Nevers and everything.

Can you tell us what will be the new trend in general for the women to do? 

Today we are living in a such special time, before there was not even a selfie. But I will give you an example of the new trend,  Bechotomy, where the fat removed from the muscles in the face.


DR Leonardo Junqueira and Wife Daniela with founder of AAVVA Fashion Vincenzo Visciglia& Ahmad Ammar


You can see his passion when talks about the operations he did, and what he can do to make people happy about themselves, he loves what he does, and he is the best on doing it

He did a live demo to show us a glimpse of what he can do, explaining filler, Botox, and he did a one minute nose lift and even a Cryolipolysis it’s a machine that freezes fat “Hallelujah”, carbon peel and last one was the thread face lift, instant face lift in minutes.

No words. Imagine the woman didn’t feel pain at all, it was amazing!

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