Amsterdam Fashion Week at XBank

After the festivities of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam, the creative director wanted to end on a high note and therefore chose a few designers who would have the opportunity to have a collaboration with the incredible store, Xbank. Two days after the shows, 18th of July, the inauguration of such a special event took place in the Xbank shop. AmsterdamFashionTV was there, of course, to share all the insights and thoughts of the designers with you. The designers chosed to be able to have their latest collection displayed and sold were: Bas Kosters, Boaz van Doornik, Atelier, Liesbeth Sterkenburg, Dennis Diem, Tringbecx and M.E.N.


The event was a great success. Before accessing the upstairs shop, we were all brought into the old bank cell where mannequins were dressed in the outfits from the graduation show. We were shown a short movie of how these selected students had to create their outfits with recycled garments and fabric only. The movie was very well done as you could see how the students found their ideas and overcame their struggles.


After that introduction, everyone was invited upstairs to admire the garments from up close. The layout was very well thought off as we could walk through the shop easily whilst being able to see every designer. To the designer’s great pleasure, the guests could shop the collection for the first time. The shop is now open to the public for you to browse and add a special garment to your wardrobe.


AmsterdamFashionTV was able to interview every one of the designers, also thanks to our influencer, Carmen Leenen who handle the interviews like a pro. Questions such as what inspired the collections and how the designers saw the future in the fashion world were asked for all of you to be aware of the latest news. The interviews and event were made in a short movie which you can watch here.

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