Amsterdam’s best dressed

As we know, Amsterdam is an emerging fashion city and therefore most people don’t put too much importance on how they dress. However, today I took the day to walk around the streets of this beautiful city with my Olympus camera to scout out the best-dressed men and women. To my great regret the majority of those I would walk up to refused to have their pictures taken. Thankfully I was able to find some that were more than glad to be complimented on their style and to potentially find their photograph online.

The people I chose all have very different styles but what made me ask them was the edginess. It is very easy to dress well nowadays with all the shops we have but it more difficult to have that extra touch of originality that makes you stand out from the crowd. My favourite way of dressing is layering long flowy garments, for example, long flowy white trousers with a beige trenchcoat. The more layers you have, even when the sun is shining, the cooler you look. Another favourite is wearing a short dress or skirt with combat boots or shiny trainers. However, the best look on anyone is confidence, be proud and walk with your head high as if the street belonged to you.

Now let’s have a look at Amsterdam’s summer 17 top 10 best dressed. (no particular order)


1. Girl from Ukraine, outfit from “Be Trendy”


2. Scarf, H&M

Yellow coat, Asos

White jeans, Zara

Shoes, Dr.Martens


3. White coat, Zara


4. Indian woman living in Dubai, her outfit is from India and her shoes from Dubai


5. American tourist who loves to shop at American eagle


6. He asked me to sign up for charity and I asked him to take his picture, good deal 😉

Pancho, Topman

Cardigan H&M

Jeans, Weekday


7. Also working for charity Bomber jacket, Diesel Stripped jacket, Rocawear


8. Loved this spanish girls top with fur sleeves from Zara. Jeans with ruban on the sides also from Zara


9. Loved this outfit from Zara


10. Leather jacket, Be Edgy

Jeans, Zara




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