Interview with band, LaGarçon

You probably all know the famous band LaGarcon. They have performed at the biggest festivals in the Netherlands and are reaching the end of their tour. We have had the great opportunity to interview them to get to know them a bit better.

1: Since when does laGarçon* exist?

We started laGarçon* in the summer of 2015. 

2: What made you want to create a band together?

Before 2015, Bart Rijnink (leadsinger) used to mainly be a funky composer concerned with creating music for big theatre plays all over the world. While composing for years he discovered his own unique style and he wanted to form a band that was able to colorfully perform all his crazy/ theatrical/ popfunkR&B ideas. Therefore he not only chose two beautiful girls Eva Laurenssen and Nyncke Beekhuyzen who are professional singers as well as actors, but also 2 real “Jazz-cats” Rory Ronde and Dionys Breukers. He wanted his music to be playful and catchy, but at the same time be as real and serious-music-like as possible. Talented young drummer Milan Breukers joined them which made them able to make a combination between real drums and electronic beats in their performances. 




3: What factor made your band become famous within the Netherlands?

Well, that’s an interesting question for us, because even though laGarçon* has already played for large crowds at festivals like Concert at Sea, Solar Weekend, Fields of Joy and Uitmarkt, they are not yet known to a large audience! The main issue being, we never put out an album… Weird enough, because we already have written 25 songs more or less, there’s only 1 song on our Spotify! This has one really big advantage: We’re always the nicest surprise for audiences! After each gig people tell us “Wow, we had never heard about you guys, you rock!” “Do you sell cd’s?” “Do you have a facebook page (we do now actually)”. So…. time for us to get in the studio. We hereby promise we will…. someday soon!

4: What part do each of you take part in the band?

The group works together in a kind of extraordinary way, as Bart Rijnink is the one writing all the songs, music and lyric-wise. Then he brings what he has written to the rehearsal studio and there, as a band, we really create the final versions of songs. With everyone’s input. Sometimes even Dionys’ dog has a say in songs, barking his comments. 

5: Is it sometimes hard to all agree, as you are quite a large band?

No. Not at all. Never. Nooooo. Well, only sometimes about food. 





6: What has been your favorite gig so far?

Definitely Concert at Sea, getting about 2000 people dancing on their bare feet in the sand. But also, right now we play at festival De Parade. We’ve created a special music/ theatre show called laGarçon* y leChica – SMALL/MDIEUM/RARE which we will play from 17 – 22 August in Amsterdam. It’s a great way to make use of all our qualities as performers, as the audience has to sit down (most of the time) and really pay attention to every small/ weird/ funny thing we do (which we do a lot of). 

7: What is your relation to fashion?

We have the opposite of a platonic love relation with fashion. People remember us always, because of the way we look. Since this summer, we work together with Esther Haamke, the coolest fashion-designer in town, who’s created our own personal costumes! Really, you have to see it, she made the perfect mix between playfulness and seriously good-looking outfits. Wearing something “different” on stage causes a big effect. People immediately get the notion that what we present is not “average”. I think it combines perfect with our music-philosophy. Anything can happen at our gigs, and it doesn’t matter who you are or what size you come, just be there feel free and be amazed. 




8: You are reaching the end of your tour. Tell us a bit of how it went.

It went very very well. The collaboration between us and Esther Haamke was a big success and actually, we caught the idea of creating one large videoclip of our theatre-show on festival De Parade. We’ll put it on youtube after we finish playing there. There’s still some big coming up too (for example Uitmarkt). You’ll need to check our website or facebook or instagram page for those dates 😉




9: How do you see the future of laGarcon*?

We HAVE TO record stuff. Promise. And then, if hopefully North Korea and the US do NOT bomb the whole world, we’ll make sure everyone hears us on the radio. Including Donald Trump. 

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