Cut the Crap with Conny Groenewegen at Fashion Show Mediamatic

With 2000 kg of Amsterdam fleece sweaters, the designer Conny Groenewegen, is calling attention to the twisted fast fashion clothing industry by using the Mediamatic building. She will cover the entire building with these sweaters to create a fashion monument. This piece of art will be used as an activist message against fast fashion and will be easily visible from the Uitmarket taking place from the 25th-27th of August.





This edition of Fashion Machine in Mediamatic is focused on taking action. The idea was born in 2015 in the new Institute in Rotterdam as part of the Temporary Fashion Museum and was then exhibited in Kunsthal DordtYart in Dordrecht. Conny has involved hundreds of volunteers to take part in the action by using the art on knitting as an awareness towards mass-production in the clothing industry. 40 percent of clothings produced worldwide end up directly in the waste pile. The 2000kg is a group, namely 0.00082% of the annual Dutch Textile waste.






Conny Groenewegen is a graduate of the Willem de Kooning Academy and also gives a masterclass in 3D textiles. She has previously won the Mercedes Benz Fashion Award and was nominated for the Dutch Design Awards. In addition to her Fashion Machine project, she designs sweaters under the name “Electric co”. She does a lot of research on the use of materials.


Another eye-catcher during the Uitmarket will be the fleece fashion show which will present “end-of-life” fleece creations made by volunteers. This project was conducted by leader Esther Meijer. Esther is a graduate of ArtEZ in Arnhem and the designer of the brand “New dress” which is known for its conceptual and unique designs.






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