The completely renovated Apollo Hotel Amsterdam with culinary phenomenon Bodon, La Grande Brasserie; cosmopolitan, luxurious and sophisticated details

On the 4th of September, the classic French restaurant, Bodon, La Grande Brasserie, will open its doors. “Bodon is the embodiment of French traditions for us, where we only work with the best products and the most sophisticated techniques. With us everything is about details for an optimal taste experience,” said Executive Chef Sahin. Sophisticated, uncompromising and authentic are the determining values. Inan Sahin taught his classical base class at the Hotel de L’Europe. For the passionate Sahin, Bodon is a dream that becomes reality.





“We’re gonna surprise everyone with this concept! The real craft returns and guests are treated to culinary show items, “said Kees Neve. Table preparations take a prominent place, among other things, Bodon brings an ode to the Canard à la Presse. Neve: “A beautiful classic dish, where we fill the whole-roasted bloom at the table and prepare the sauce with cognac under the eye of the guest. With us, you will experience traditional craftsmanship. “On the menu, there are also several French classics such as Tournedos Rossini (hare steak with fresh foie gras and truffle) and Escargots de Burgundy (organic vineyard slugs of Slow Escargots, fried with leafy vegetables, thyme and basil). See the attached video about the Canard à la Presse.








The Bodon restaurant, La Grande Brasserie, has 110 seats, which are spread over several intimate seating areas and all look out over the Amsterdam canals. Next to the restaurant we introduce “The Living Room, by Bodon”. A stylish 24/7 open lounge for breakfast, a French High Tea, or to unwind with a cocktail or aperitif. More information and the spectacular menu of Bodon, La Grande Brasserie can be found at:





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