the history of ELLESSE

Ellesse (1959) is from Italy, and was founded by Leonardo Servadio = LS = [sounds like] Ellesse. Ellesse originated as a luxoury sports fire, aimed at clothing for skiing and tennis.

The target audience in the 80s and 90s was the jetset. The people skiing in the summer and skiing in winter.

V.a. 80s: combination of functional sportswear and fashion street wear.




the logo = the symbol of a half tennis ball and the ski points.

Leonardo Servadio had strong ties with the jest set of Italy, France and Monaco. He went wrong with Rod Steward, princesses and big money and saw that chic lifestyle in the luxurious sportswear collections he made for the tennis court and the piste.

In the 1970s Ellesse’s ski apparel became increasingly popular, and Salvadio designed a ski boot with padded knee pads and a wider pipe with space for the ski shoe. This was a revolution and this ski slope can still be seen in Center Pompidou in Paris.

BIG LOGO & MARKETING IN THE 80’s Ellesse was one of the first sportswear brands that put her logo so prominent on the outside of the clothing.

In the mid 80’s, Ellesse already collaborated with the French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (collab between sport and fashion).

In addition, Ellesse made very early use of celebrity endorsement / seeding v spoters: tennis player Boris Becker, Mats Wilander, Arantxa Sánchez and Anna Kournikova, and eg Formula 1 racer Alain Prost.

Other celebrities were: Boxer Muhammad Ali, Natas Kaupas and Maurice Cheeks and actors Brigitte Nielsen and Roger Moore. After tennis, skies and formula 1, Ellesse invested in football sponsorship.




New Age – Materialism: After the 70s, characterized by tight pants with flare pipes and tight simple t-shirts for men and women, breaks a period of wider clothes and the use of sports elements in the fashion image. Love & Peace and hippie time make room for materialism. People went shopping more and defined themselves by wearing expensive clothes and brands. Focus on matter and logos.

Materialism began and people spent more money on expensive clothes. From now on sportswear is no longer worn only during sports: people wear expensive, luxurious sportswear as part of their outfit wear. Tracksuits, training jackets, shiny fabrics and big logos. The colors became more exuberant and the materials were richer, smarter and the focus was on impressing and show off. Also velor was in trek. Men walked into complete training suits and combined with sports accessories, such as leg warmers, elastic headbands and sneakers.

Anno now: We experience the 80s and 90s again, with the reintroduction of sportswear in the fashion image. Ellesse track suits, pool slides and logo tees are completely completely on point.






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