The problem with travel planning today is TMI overload! Our social feeds are exploding while our minds are imploding with juicy-looking travel images from glamorous travel bloggers or trend setting magazines and hey, even our jet-setting friends! You don’t have to quit your job and join the wave of savvy social media influencers to have the trip of a lifetime (although it’s beginning to sound tempting!). You too can have that far-fetched unique experience that makes absurdly good green-eyed provoking stories. Refreshing wanderlusty updates from a travel company whose only job on this planet is to forever be dialed-in with the hottest hotspots and happenings known to man!

So put down your guidebook, throw away that self-made growing to-do list and put an end to that antagonising social media stalking! Story Unheard is making travelling simpler and more personal with the launch of its hip customised itinerary service: U-tinerary.





But first, it’s important to understand our company’s true north! Story Unheard is a disruptive upscale travel company based in the UK spearheaded by a team of creative storytellers. Whether it’s for a holiday, celebration, extending that business trip for a cheeky couple more days or a sudden strike of strikhedonia (the joy of being able to say “to hell with it”!), we spearhead the hottest modern-day travel epics on the planet. A story – your story – too fascinating not to follow.

“We present you with the unheard. An experience inspired by you and one that only you will ever be able to tell. It’s your story heard.” Explains founder and chief creative activist of this brainchild, Gabriela Asquith.

Yes, we do the big, the bold and the never been done before, but we also transform the familiar into the total unexpected. Our direct relationships with similar-minded partners and handpicked local professionals from various industries across the globe means we have the ‘inside story’ on each destination ensuring each trip is ungoogleable.

Our discovery and research team are on top of all the relevant and latest happenings worldwide on a daily basis covering restaurants, accommodation, transportation, bars and clubs, entertainment, fashion and beauty, wellbeing, activities and tours. We do it all: the coolest food festivals and flea markets, quirky pop-up supper clubs, off-the-beaten-track surf haunts, hip urban beaches with buzzing day parties, holistic retreats hidden amongst rolling green hills, the hottest club nights with the best DJ line ups, kayaking along melting glacial lakes, glass-domed trains snaking through pine forests, well-regarded perfumeries where you can create your own scent, helicopter rides through scenic national parks, horse treks to romantic estancias, swimming under roaring azure blue waterfalls and refreshing dips in clear drinkable lakes!






The concept of U-tinerary is travel guide cum luxury concierge cum travel itinerary. Like a travel guide, we give you the best and most up to date recommendations and information on your chosen destination, except these suggestions are highly personalised, like the ones you’d expect from a luxury concierge – and then we fuse it with the planning and scheduling involved in an organised travel itinerary you’d receive from a tour operator. Our team hatch out the hottest itineraries that are personalised, up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge, packed with local knowledge and only showcase the very best that the chosen destination has to offer: the ‘highlight reel’.

We want U-tinerary to be just like calling up a seriously hooked up friend in Buenos Aires and getting the lowdown on what and where is the must STAY-SEE-DO-EAT-DRINK in the city!” shares Asquith.

U-tinerary was built purely for today’s independent traveller. A wanderluster who wants to experience the very best of their chosen destination based on their preferences, and to be able to discover a new place confidently and freely, just like a local. Budget too is taken into account without compromising on quality – if you can’t have dinner at that slightly extravagant rooftop bar, then you can be sure we will have you seated there for a drink or two! And, if prompted, with all the fuss made!

We make travelling super easy with our concise itineraries detailing only the essential recommendations you need to know for sleeping, eating and drinking, what to see and do, along with advice on how to get there and around as well as all perplexing questions on the destination anticipated and answered. You aren’t faced with having to make choices from an overwhelming list – you just get handed, in our opinion, the top picks. Asquith adds; “Just like a friend has no ulterior motive, we too present our customers the absolute best experience that’s out there!”

We aren’t about complex algorithms to promote certain hotels or tours. Instead, we make sure you not only have a bed in that seriously cool hotel but in one of its most prime rooms using real human knowledge and feedback! And on top of this, we still endeavor to secure the best rates for your travelling dates.

So how does all this work? It’s very simple. Tell us where and when you want to go and for how long and we send you our fast and furiously easy online questionnaire to see exactly what makes you tick! Our information navigators then select the very best recommendations based on your interests and send over your U-tinerary within 72-hours. All our itineraries are beautifully presented and sent to you digitally – making it super easy to download on your phone or tablet ready-to-hand – or posted upon request. And without any large hidden price tags attached!

1-day itinerary: £50

3-day itinerary: £150

5-day itinerary: £250

7-day itinerary: £300

10-day itinerary: £450

14-day itinerary: £600

3-week itinerary: £800

1-month itinerary: £1,200

We can take care of as much or as little of the heavy lifting as you like. By opting for our ‘Bookings Service’, restaurants, transportation, activities, trips and event tickets can be booked directly through us at an additional handling fee; however, if the thought of unclaimed reward points and no independence makes you antsy, breathing space is given and the control is handed over to you.

So when you next decide to go it alone, remember this, a bad dinner can cost you more time and money than having your trip curated by one of our experts.

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