Spoil your skin with these Biodermal pilots

Winter is coming!
And so it’s time to spoil your skin with these Biodermal pilots


Ice on the water, sun, light blue sky and maybe even some snow: winter is coming! The cold causes the skin to feel dry and slippery. All in all, your skin may use an extra boost in this period.

The Biodermal P-CL-E products are perfectly suited to help restore the clean winter skin. They contain body-like drugs that stimulate the natural recovery of the skin. Use the P-CL-E cream as a cure when your skin can use a great boost or just like day or night cream. Do you want the healing properties of P-CL-E but is a cream too rich? Then Biodermal recommends you the P-CL-E fluid. This airy fluid contains all the good of P-CL-E in an airy form. Is the cream or fluid not enough to beat the winter skin problems? Use the P-CL-E serum together with the cream to give the skin an extra boost!

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