FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival

FFFFFASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival 3 – 5 November 2017 in Maastricht

Fashionclash Fashion Film Festival

Lumière Cinema, Bassin 88 De Bijenkorf, Achter Het Vleeshuis 26 Thiessen Wijnkoopers, Grote Gracht 18

FFFF is the first international fashion film festival in the Netherlands. The 3-day program contains screenings with a selection of more than 60 short fashion films from all over the world. The opening film on 3 November is the anticipated documentary ‘We Margiela’. On Saturday there are inspiring workshops, fashion talks, various screenings and award ceremony at Lumière Cinema.

The opening film on 3 November is the anticipated documentary ‘We Margiela’

In addition, an exhibition and live performance will be presented in cooperation with AKATAK collective. At de Bijenkorf Maastricht you can discover brand new Dutch fashion films and at Thiessen Wijnkoopers a selection of films produced by FASHIONCLASH.

AKATAK photo: Team Peter Stigter


The State of the Fashion Film

Undoubtingly the fashion film is here to stay as the industry looks further than just clothes and photography. In this era of e-culture, it is one of the best ways to capture a fashion narrative and to reach a wide audience via online platforms and media. Challenging the norms of traditional advertising techniques and moving fashion shoots, designers have embraced film as an art form and have moved away the use of mundane product placement. Technological developments have made fashion films more accessible. Fashion film has become an essential part of the communication strategy fashion brands and more young designers are experimenting with the genre. In this era of rising e-culture, it is one of the best ways to capture a fashion narrative and to reach a wide audience via online platforms.

Film as a medium is an incredible discipline to tell stories. But is exactly a fashion film? What is thefuture of fashion film and the state of the art of fashion film?


Act! Cut! Play! Project

Recently, the Act! Cut! Play! Project has been organized, an initiative of FASHIONCLASH, Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond and MoMu – Antwerp Fashion Museum.

Act! Cut! Play! photo: Sem Shayne

Act! Cut! Play! is an interdisciplinary talent development project with the ambition to lift the quality of fashion films to a higher level. Three teams existing of a designer, theatre maker, and filmmaker from either the Netherlands or Flanders, were challenged to work together to investigate the possibilities and boundaries of their disciplines and the provided ‘format’ of the fashion film. With the incorporation of a theatre maker, the three teams are challenged to make the narrative an important element within the films.

Since December 2016 these three films are on display in the international fashion, theatre-, film- and art world. Meanwhile the films have received nominations and awards in festivals such as ASVOFF, BAIFFF Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival, Bokeh Fashion Film Festival (Cape Town), Mexico Fashion Film Festival and Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival.



FFFF is an initiative by the Maastricht based foundation FASHIONCLASH that is known for organizing high-profile projects and supporting emerging talents from all over the globe. One of the projects is the internationally recognized annual FASHIONCLASH Festival. Since the first edition in 2009 more than 900 talents from 50 different countries and 6 continents have joined FASHIONCLASH Festival and were given the opportunity to show their talent and work. Some of their careers really took off from there!

FASHIONCLASH strongly believes that the art of fashion can stimulate critical debate about controversial issues in our society. By researching and questioning ‘fashion’ we learn to understand the psychology of human behaviour and its role in undermining stereotypes. The central question being asked, “How can we develop the fashion industry to improve well-being and equality?”. Besides the festival FASHIONCLASH platform develops various cross-over projects with other disciplines and also presents master classes, workshops and social design projects. In addition to Maastricht and The Netherlands, FASHIONCLASH has also collaborated in Brazil, China, Poland, Portugal, Mauritius, Germany, Belgium, France, Malta, UK, Ireland and South Africa. FASHIONCLASH is an initiative from the artistic and managing directors Branko Popovic, Laurens Hamacher and Nawie Kuiper.

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