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New Special Classes for BA students

With the Graphic & Web Design workshop series with Giancarlo Pazzanese still running until April 26 and the photography workshop series with Ping Huang finishing last week, our special classes have proved highly popular and fruitful. And starting next week there are even more new special classes to equip the BA students with even more skills and creative talent.


March 13-14: smart textiles for the smart fashion community workshop, with Susan Wrschka.

International Creative Art Director; Vice President VDMD Association of German Fashion and Textile Designers; Member of the Trend Research Team VDM; Lecturer at University of Applied Sciences Fashion Design Trier; Trend Lecturer at the Munich Fabric Start.

“Why should you attend my workshops? Gain insight of the smart textile community. Work on the question “How can we promote smart textiles more to the commercial customer?”. Develop your own pitch in a group, based on the ideas of the lecture.”


March 15-22-29 and April 5: Intellectual Property Rights & Fashion workshop, with Henrike Bongers LL.M.

Henrike studied International and European law at the University of Groningen and has since specialised in Intellectual Property (IP) rights and has worked at a leading European IP consultancy firm, completed the training for Benelux Trademark and Design Attorneys, and founded her own business, focusing on education. She has also worked for companies in the lifestyle and consumer industry, including some major fashion brands. Among other things, she has been a law teacher at a European Fashion school in the Netherlands.

“Why should you attend my workshops? Intellectual property (IP) is everywhere and especially in the fashion business! For a fashion company trademarks and designs are one of their biggest assets and of utmost importance. What are IP rights exactly?  How can you protect your creations and defend them? And how do you know if your company is not infringing on someone else’s IP rights?”.

Fashion summer camp for kids (9-13 years old).

Instead of letting children spend their summer holidays fiddling with phones and tablets, why not let them discover the creative world of fashion design? Would you rather see bored children bickering or joining our Fun Fashion Week in Amsterdam? The choice is yours. This exceptional 1 week Fashion Design Summer Course is aimed at letting children between 9 -13, discover and express their own creativity and learn about the world of fashion.


The course is being held in our elegant boutique fashion school in the heart of Amsterdam. This international course, like all our courses, involves small classes (maximum 12 children), a high degree of personal attention in a safe and friendly environment with the highest quality of tuition. The course involves many different fashion related activities tailored for kids. They will have the opportunity to work with mood boards, trend boards, illustration and textile manipulation. Simple manual activities to let them express their creativity and become acquainted with the basics of the fashion cycle.


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