SWEAR presents one of its most unique styles; Redchurch in a variety of colours perfect for any taste.

Since its inception in 1997, SWEAR has established itself as a synonym for personal expression. Born out of the desire to offer something different to the artists and trailblazers during the shapeshifting 90s and 00s music and culture scenes, the sneaker brand’s hybrid footwear has been continually appropriated by all those yearning for individuality. After thirty years of creating counter-culture cool, SWEAR is evolving its ability to make people stand out from the crowd with the launch of two customisation offerings, JUST DROPPED and CUSTOMISE 360.


The Redchurch style is available in JUST DROPPED in simple, stand out colours and materials including white, black, grey, and navy, and is also available in CUSTOMISE 360, where individuals can select this unique style silhouette and personalize it with their choice of material, colours and hardware.

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