Forever Better: Product, People and the Environment

Over 35 years of training knowledge, experience and innovation stands behind our brand. And our single- minded vision to deliver superior quality while reducing impact on the planet has not changed from day one. Why? Our purpose is simple: to be a little bit better today than we were yesterday, every single day. From product development to personal training and environmental sustainability… our mantra is always “Forever Better”.

Fabric, Form and Function in Perfect Harmony

Our reputation for quality is built on conscious fabric choices, form and function working together in harmony. “Spring Summer 2018 is a collection where energy and fun meets graphic simplicity. Playing with colours, materials, silhouettes & graphics but also making sure to keep it simple and seamless to combine cross-category.” says Marie Fredros, Head of Design.

Empowering people to live healthy and active lives

Performance is personal. We know that the Casall community love to train and enjoy life without limits. It’s a conscious lifestyle, and a part of who they are. A decision to be better. And a commitment to pro- gress, not perfection. Every day we do our best to elevate the personal benefits of Holistic Training. To create joyful, empowering and liberating moments for people on a journey to become their better selves. “Our mission is to encourage people to live more healthy and active lives” says Jon Lööf, CEO.

Sustainability comes naturally at Casall

We are always in training. Striving to create the best possible product. And then make it better. Perfor- mance is not about being better than anyone else. It is about being better than we were yesterday. In our work, in our lives, and our natural commitment to a sustainable future.

In SS18 this is demonstrated by our completely conscious Yoga Wear, natural cork Yoga Tools and new Eco Bottle. Everything with our ‘conscious choice’ label is meticulously produced using biodegradable or recycled materials. An authentic nod to the ‘Forever Better’ sustainable philosophy of Casall.

And our commitment to reducing our negative impact on the environment through our product, production processes and packaging.


VISION: High Fashion meets High Function

This season we decided to create a high fashion, high function collection that can work cross-category; seamlessly integrating our holistic training Vision for the heart, body and soul. We love the fashion of sportswear and yet never compromise the function for the form. The collection has a feeling of inde- pendence, feminine strength & sophisticated power.

CORE: Designer Sportswear from Sweden since 1984

Our core assortment has all the garments to cover your season in style, comfort and confidence. Creating a special fit, feel and finish on our products is something we’re incredibly proud of, and we spend a lot of time designing products that make you feel ready to perform. Enabling you to focus completely on your training and reach your personal goals.

ESSENTIAL: Simply Better

Essentials are the simply better foundation of our holistic training lifestyle. An elegant and timeless range where you can find everything you need for your personal training needs – Heart, Body and Soul. The pieces may not change, but the story around them evolves, and this season we are proud to continue our partnership with the Swedish Royal Ballet.

When the first Casall collection was born in a gym in 1984, it was a sign of things to come: a holistic training brand that was to be both visionary and innovative. The key to our success is that we have always been at the forefront of fabric technology and dare to explore new horizons, regardless of whether that is new products, training methods or taking environmental responsibility.

Pioneering, Innovating, Forward-thinking; Casall is the holistic training brand of today, designed for a better tomorrow.


Casall SS18

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